All for only 1.95

Untitled_Artwork 34

All for only 1.95

Might have been a mountain
Or a dinosaur who lived long ago
Or a cactus growing in the desert
Or nothing tangible at all

Might have weaned us
Intended us to be multiforalities
Like pine sap in the forest
Sticky and reeking life

Sometimes I lie awake at night
Deeply quandering batshit ideals
Shadow puppets lacking raw materials
With which to ever figure out what we get

(abbreviated list of what we get)

Warm coats
Peanut butter
Homes happy & not
Charming uncles
Baseball cards
Flutes and violins
Fortune Peanuts in a Bag
John Coltrane
Astounding neutrinos
Mighty Clouds of Joy
Mean spirits
Marble feet
Key Lime Pie
Noisy neighbors
John Jacob Niles
Monarch butterflies
Sicilian biscotti

All this—and more—for only 1.95


R Young

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